NEW! The newest mariposa lily shirt design focuses on the mariposa lilies (Liliaceae) of the Jepson Sierra Nevada Region. It includes the flowers of five species, a break from the usual three: the widespread Leictlin’s mariposa lily (Calochortus leictlinii), and the fairly common species but sometimes limited superb mariposa lily (Calochortus superbus), purple fairly lantern (Calochortus amounts), yellow star tulip (Calochortus monophyllus), and the very much restricted to the south end, Shirley Meadows tulip lily (Calochortus weston’s). The flowers are base on original gouache water color paintings rendered in the fall of 2023 just for this shirt (the superb mariposa flower is fresh, not the same used on the northern California mariposa lily shirt. Printed on 100% cotton (solid colors) or mix of polyester and cotton (heather colors) preshrunk Gildan or Hanes Tshirts. The Sierra Nevada shirt is currently available in black (Gildan), regal heather, and some cactus heather. A Jepson regional map is imprinted on the sleeve.