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Nature Oriented Publications

I specialize in botanical guides and art products focusing on southern California natural history. Please take a look at our products. In addition to my own publications, I also have Jon Rebman & Michael Simpson’s Checklist to the Vascular Plants of San Diego County and Jon Rebman & Norman Roberts’ Field Guide to Baja California Plants in stock.

I have more prints available then included on the website.  Contact me for additional variety or if you know of one of my works that is not listed and I’ll get it posted.  All color art shown here is available as a print or notecard with very few exceptions.  The prints and notecards are based on original watercolor, gouache, or acrylic paintings. The art work is inspired by nature and endangered species across southern California and a other places. Most of it is based on gouache water color, some straight water color, and acrylic paintings.

Just click on the item you are interested and add it to your cart. Payments are through the Paypal portal, which is safe and secure. Paypal, however, has recently updated their system and if you have a Paypal Account, you will have to sign in.  Once signed in, you can use your credit card instead of your balance to pay.  If you do not have a Paypal Account, you can still use a credit card directly.  I am looking into options to make this a little easier. Shipping varies from $2.00 for a small number of notecards to $6.50 for large items. For now I am mostly using US mail but other arrangements can be made. For now, the cost you see, includes California Sales Tax. 


Latest Specials

Shirts on Sale

My Desert Rarities shirt is currently on sale for the price of $12.00.  There are three colors, light blue, natural, and prairie dusk, mostly in medium, large, and XL sizes (there is one light blue small shirt left).



Vascular Plants of Orange County is on SALE this winter and spring.  If you have not got a copy yet, pick it up for $11.95, $6.00 off the original price.